Israeli Satellite “Amos 4” Successfully Launched into Space Israeli Satellite “Amos 4” Successfully Launched into Space Israeli Satellite “Amos 4” Successfully Launched into Space The Israeli satellite, “Amos 4”, built by IAI, was launched last night into space from a launching base in Kazakhstan, and tomorrow morning, it will begin its first maneuvers in space. The satellite will provide services to the company, Spacecom, in different areas in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe

Shir Golan Photos Courtesy of Spacecom

After six years of intense development work, last night, another Israeli satellite was launched into space: the communication satellite “Amos 4”, built by IAI for the company Spacecom, was launched last night from the largest launching site in the world in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The “Amos 4” satellite provides communication services as well as live video broadcasting, T.V. broadcasting, and broadband internet surfing.

1, 2, 3… Successfully Launched
Two especially tense minutes pass in a control room in Israel, and dissipate with the ignition of the launcher. Around seven minutes later, the satellite leaves the atmosphere to space and around 6:00 in the morning, the satellite and the launcher separate. In Israel, it was reported that the satellite carried out the first activities of the propulsion system and spread some of its solar panels in order to recharge its batteries using solar energy. In these moments, measurements of the final route the satellite will take later on, starting from 3:44 in the morning (Israeli Time), and then it will start its first maneuvers in space.
While the countdown has ended, In Israel, people will be crossing their fingers over the next two weeks that the satellite continues to the point in the sky, 67.25 degrees east, at an altitude of around 36,000 kilometers and passes a series of tests into order to ensure the integrity of the system. After which point, it will pass the point in the sky where it will supply its commercial services. “The company congratulates the IAI on the achievement to date in building the satellite”, said David Pollack, CEO of Spacecom. “Through its improved capabilities, ‘Amos 4’ of Spacecom continues its rapid growth to new continents and bigger markets, and is becoming a provider of satellite communication in the global market.”

Younger, More Sophisticated
The “Amos 4” satellite is the biggest and most sophisticated ever built in Israel: It weighs more than 4,300 kilograms upon its launch, and it carries equipment that weighs 830 kilograms and a communication system that includes 24 respondents. It joins “Amos 2” and “Amos 3” which were also built by IAI, and in 2015 the “Amos 6” satellite will join them, which is currently under development at the IAI. “This is an additional impressive achievement of the IAI”, said the CEO of IAI, Yossi Weiss, who remained with the team at the launch site. “‘Amos 4’ is at the forefront of communication satellites in the world. IAI, the primary contractor of all satellite programs in Israel, has a proven track record of success in space. We are proud of these proven accomplishments of our technological prowess”.