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Eilon Tohar | Translation: Eden Sharon

Ten Killed in a Greek Fighter Jet Crash
A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashed during a training exercise held by several air forces in a Spanish airbase. The two aircrew members in the jet were killed, as well as eight other people on the ground. 13 people were wounded.

Scientific Breakthrough. Almost
The “SpaceX” experiment, which test programs for reusing rockets, did not go as planned when the “Falcon 9” rocket that was about to land on a platform in the ocean hit the right spot, but too strong – and broke it.
The rational is to create technology which will allow a rocket to be launched into space for scientific purposes and land safely back on earth, so it can be reused.

This field of research has enormous economic implications – the ability to reuse rockets will lower the costs of space missions dramatically. “SpaceX” , owned by the South African billionaire Elon Musk, announced that it will continue with its experiments despite the disappointment.

Nearing Sonic Speed
A video that rapidly became viral all around the world presents a Flybe airliner fighting with strong winds while landing in Britain. During the landing, the “Dash 8” airplane swung in the air and nearly diverted from the runway of the “Lids Bradford” airport.





More of weather wonders: International news agencies reported an airliner that reached 745 MPH, only 14 miles below sonic speed. The “British Airways” airplane took off in New-York and landed only Five hours and 16 minutes later in London, an hour and a half before the predetermined landing time. The plane approached the speed of sound after riding a powerful jet stream and being pushed by strong winds over the Atlantic Ocean.

Ammonia Leak 400 KM above Earth
An emergency was noted in the International Space Station when a toxic gas, probably ammonia, leaked through the cooling system. The space center houses astronauts and cosmonauts who preform scientific experiments in space conditions. According to Russian reports, the American team was transferred to the Russian section immediately after the emergency situation, where they stayed safely for nearly a day before the danger passed.

Lost Space Probe Found on Mars
After over a decade, the “Beagle 2” space probe was found on the surface of Mars. The story of the probe begins in Christmas of 2003, when the probe was supposed to land safely on Mars as part of a British space mission.
The lost connection with the probe made the scientists believe that the probe has crashed, but 11 years later and less than a year after the passing of the head scientist of the project, NASA’s MRO probe found “Beagle 2”, only 5 Kilometers far from its original landing spot and intact.