Jewish-American pilot, Al Webber, passes away Jewish-American pilot, Al Webber, passes away This week Sgt. Al Webber passed away. Sgt. Webber served as a pilot in the US Air Force during world war II. He took part in air raids, some even over Auchswitz death camp, with his bomber aircraft. Three years ago he shared his memories with the IAF magazine. May he rest in peace

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Al Webber was a jewish American pilot who served in the US Air Force. Between 1944-1945 Al took part in 24 bombing sorties, some of which flew right above Auchswitz death camp and two of which accidentally ended up bombing the camp, killing a few Nazi officers.

“When you see the camp from a bird’s eye view, it looks like a military base. I didn’t know that it was death camp. When we came back from our flight, we were questioned by intelligence officers and they asked us what we saw. I said I think that some of the bombs were released too soon and that they landed on what looked to me like a military base. They said nothing”, Al once told the IAF magazine.

Over the long years since the Second World War ended, Al never spoke about the difficult experiences he had been through. Only after his retirement, the scenes which he witnessed came back to haunt him. “That’s what a long war is like”, He shared with the IAF magazine. “As time goes by, you begin to think about what you’ve been through and it starts to affect you. At the end of the day, the things you’ve done stay with you forever”.

Al and his wife were invited on September 4th 2003 to go to Auschwitz Birkenau death camp for a memorial with the IDF “Edim Be’Madim” delegation. During the ceremony an IAF F-15s flew over the death camp’s sky.

This week, at the age of 92, Al passed away.