A man in his 60s was arrested on suspicion of murder by reservation. Against the suspect and another person forwarded letter three weeks ishomlpeni arrested a man in his 60s, a resident of Kiryat Gat on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife called using another person to do it for a fee. Today (Wednesday), after investigation and establishing the infrastructure concerned, be served against an indictment and detention until the end of the proceedings.

Last month an investigation on suspicion of ordering the murder. Undercover investigation revealed that a man in touch with his friend with criminals and kill his ex-wife. The parties agreed on a fee of approximately 30000 NIS and agreed on introduction of NIS 3000. Another cost that has a mask factory physical and sexual abuse against his wife requests and prevented access to people, jobs and money. The woman, a hard mode mass which encountered, ran to the shelter along with her infant and there received assistance.

The couple divorced and the wife opened a new life while at the same time her ex-husband was looking for a way to kill her. The man was arrested together with his friend and they were transferred to an interrogation during which denied any connection to the violence. The day will be served against an indictment.

Translated from Hebrew