Largest Joint Exercise in History with U.S Largest Joint Exercise in History with U.S The largest exercise in history between the two countries is set to strengthen cooperation and improve military capabilities, while dealing with a wide range of threats with no relation to scenarios in the Middle East

Thousands of American soldiers of United States European Command are participating in the largest exercise ever to be held between the IDF and the U.S Military, under the name Austere Challenge 12. The exercise is based upon tight knit cooperation between the two countries, and its goal is to guarantee the quality advantage of the IDF. Preparations for the exercise had begun over two years ago, and its existence has no relation to recent events in the Middle East. “The exercise expresses a common belief and shared values, and strengthens the security and protection of the State of Israel”, explained Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation, Brigadier General Shachar Shohat. “Cooperation is the testament to the commitment of the participant”.

“Iron Dome” Batteries Participate in the Exercise for the First Time

The exercise is expected to go on for three weeks, exploring improved technologies that did not exist in the previous joint exercise between the two militaries. “Iron Dome” is also participating in the exercise, as well as “David’s Sling” which will be examined together and at real time. “Additionally, we are performing a cross-continent simulation with systems abroad, which is an important product of the technological advances of the past few years”, said Brigadier General Shachar Shohat.

It is important to note that the exercise does not refer to a particular threat in the area but to a general scenario and local trends. “The scenario is multi-ring and its goal is to identify how to deal together with the various threats in the sector”, he explained. The joint exercise will focus on the defense aspect instead of offense-and its purpose is a reference to threats on Israel, including rockets, mortar shells and short and long range ballistic missiles.