Last Night’s Events

An F-16 Takes Off Last Night’s Events

Throughout the Night the IAF attacked Four Terror Targets Egypt reports a cease-fire, but meanwhile, Qassam rockets and mortar bombs have exploded in open fields in Israel. The IAF has shot toward a group of terrorists that was about to launch a rocket and attacked terror targets in the Gaza Strip. “The heart thinks of home”, says a pilot from Be’er Sheva

Shir Golan

Upwards of 200 rockets were shot in the past few days toward residential areas in Southern Israel. IAF aircrafts work continuously in the Gaza Strip, and attack terrorist links attempting to shoot toward Israel and other terror targets in the strip.

Last night, the IAF attacked a terror tunnel, and two sites being used to launch rockets. Additionally, an IAF aircraft shot toward a link that was in the final stages before a launching on Israel. This link had already carried out a mid-range shooting toward Israeli residencies in the past few days. Since the morning, four rockets and bombs have exploded in Israeli territory, but authorities in Egypt report a beginning of a lull in attacks.

The attacks that occurred in the past days in Southern Israel have been keeping sleep away from the residents, whose lives are constantly interrupted by sudden alarms. Even those who have a significant role in the mission of protecting the country, the pilots, have reason to worry-their families left at home. “We fly in order to protect the rear”, explains First Lieutenant Alon, who lives in Be’er Sheva. “In the current escalation round, we’re working non-stop and are conducting interesting and challenging missions. When you’re in the mission, your mind is focused on a goal, while in between the heart thinks of home”.