Lighting a Candle together

Bereaved families of the Air Force were invited to the IAF house in Herzliya, to light the fourth candle of Hanukkah, and watch a musical performance by the “Shektek” troupe.

Elazar Ben Lulu | Translation: Nikolai Avrutov

This is the second time that the IAF invites bereaved families to the event, generously sponsored by the Waterby family from the United States. “I am glad to see you all here, in your second home, the air force house”, said Lt. Col. Danny Shnidman, head of the injuries department. “The air force family does not forget about you, and will continue to have event of this kind to maintain and strengthen its connection with you”.

Brig. Gen. Danny Ganot, head of the Human Resources department shared the holiday joy with the families and said: “It is the holiday of lights, and as such, it is full of joy thanks to us getting together. Unfortunately new families joined us this year, families who lost its sons in the war in Lebanon. May they be the last families to join”.

A first Candle without the son

Patrick Gomez lost his son, Captain Daniel Gomez, about five months ago at the recent war in Lebanon. Captain Gomez was 25 when he fell, after his helicopter was struck by a missile during an operation in the depths of Lebanon on Aug. 12th.

This is the first time the family lights a candle without their son. “We lit the candles in Daniel’s Hanukkiya”. (it is a custom to be lighting candles on a Hanukkah Menorah, also known as Hanukkiya) said Patrick. “It was very difficult, and we shed many tears. We receive a lot of support from the injuries department of the force. The air force is very supportive, and tries its best to help us feel better. This event also demonstrated the care of the force towards families like us. It is indeed the air-force family”.