Maj. Gen. Eshel Named Commander of the IAF

Transferring the Command’s Flag Maj. Gen. Eshel Named Commander of the IAF

“Dear members of the force, I stand before you for the last time and salute”


Maj. Gen. Eshel Named Commander of the IAF

Maj. Gen. Eshel: “It’s a great privilege. I will measure my steps carefully in a accordance with the deep meaning of that”


Maj. Gen. Eshel Named Commander of the IAF

IDF Chief of Staff: “You’re embarking on a new journey today” Maj. Gen. Eshel Named Commander of the IAF

Major General Eshel and the Chief of Staff in the Appointment Ceremony Major General Ido Nehoshtan has officially passed down the authority to Major General Amir Eshel. “There is no room for weakness in the Middle East. We have the powerful IDF alongside the IAF: intimidation, determination and defense are the security blanket for Israel as a Jewish and democratic State”

IAF Website | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

The IAF welcomes a new Commander: After 35 years of flying with the force, Major General Amir Eshel has become Commander of the Israeli Air Force. Major General Eshel received the authority and weighty responsibility from the hands of Major General Nehoshtan. Fifteen years after commanding over Hatzor Airbase, Major General Ido Nehoshtan ended his long-term relationship with the IAF, and passed the reigns over to Major General Eshel.

“The IAF–just like the State of Israel–started from nothing with only a small group of people, eight lightweight airplanes and no usable landing strips”, said Major General Nehoshtan. “Today, one look around and up to the sky makes it clear that reality overstepped into the dream. Step after step the force mended into a powerful well oiled machine with a splendid history and a world known reputation that operates as the supporting pillar and a necessary condition for peace. Taking things as they come, the never-ending relay race will pass down the torch of authority from one commander to another.

“In a few minutes, I will pass down the flag to my friend and colleague Major General Amir Eshel, a gifted and experienced commander, who knows the force and its duties. The torch will be passed down to the seventeenth competitor and teammate, in a race that started sixty four years ago. Amir, along with proud satisfied and enthusiastic emotions I pass on to you a prepared, sharp, and determined force that knows the deep meaning of work and is aware of the weight that lies upon its shoulders; a force blessed with the upmost elite line of officials who created a really family”.

IDF Chief-of-Staff: “The IAF is on its way”
“Ido, today you are ending a long, exhausting phase, filled with many challenges while commanding over the force”, said Chief-of-Staff of the IDF, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. “An era in which you led the force through courageous operations in your own calculated way. The codependence between commander of the IAF and the commander in chief is beyond any known professional relationship in the military. In this case, it was friendship.

“Amir, today you are returning to the IAF with the possession of the authority we give to you out of the great trust we have in you. I’m sure that your many years of experience and your given abilities will assist you while you operate. Amir and Ido, today, you are both going down a new path as the IAF continues in its longstanding one. All the best”.

Major General Eshel: “We do not fear battle”
Major General Eshel received his appointing last Thursday, but was officially appointed Commander of the IAF today. He received this nomination after four years as Head of the Planning Department in the IAF headquarters. “We are on the verge of an historical crisis”, said the new Commander of the IAF. “Old orders are destroyed at once. Mysterious forces, which don’t meet our eye, are stormily raging in a storm which is failing to inform us of the upcoming spring. No one knows the ending, what will be of the danger and opportunity? We are sentenced to live in vague and uncertainty: We have to keep guard, prepared for the worst case scenario while allowing the national leadership to maximize opportunities that stem from our powerful position.

“There is no room for weakness in the middle east. We have the powerful IDF alongside the IAF: intimidation, determination and defense, are the security blanket for Israel as a Jewish and democratic State. The next few years hold the potential for different scenarios and tests. We do not fear battle. If Israel will have to lift its sword, the IAF will be the sharp and deadly blade which strives for victory, in short and long distances, against terrorism, militaries, and in generating threats. The IAF will be qualified, prepared and ready to face the obstacles. We will make supreme gestures, move forward and keep on gaining power, overcoming the gaps and challenges, and winning”.