For a publication that only researchers (ימ״ר) of the Negev young murder suspect detained last month and a half.

On 21/10/15 count per hour 11:21 a.m. received a dispatch 100 of Southern District police about washla tribe resident in his 20s was in a van by two men who claimed to have wounded by car there fell from ATV and fled away. The place was called an ambulance from the CPR operations and set up. Dimona station officers began to investigate the case and review found on the victim’s body several puncture marks. The body was sent to the Institute of medicine and the investigation was scrapped at ימ״ר.

Who investigators arrested three weeks ago, a man of about 25, which is the bride’s aunt, who wanted to prevent the victim to marry his daughter after the bride had received another proposal in parallel with family guy wanted me to marry. The victim refused to break up with her or leave her. Another revealed that on the day of the ambush murder suspect to victim in flushing, picked him up in a car and suspected murder him.

After investigation and establishing the infrastructure concerned submit today Southern District Prosecutor’s Office against suspicious indictment and detention until the end of the proceedings.

רפ״ק Shai Abukasis, Deputy Commander of ימ״ר, specify that this is a very serious incident in which the youngster took his life due to his wish to marry to select his heart against her wishes to marry her to another guy. With many resources were using methods that led to the arrest of the suspect and the resulting infrastructure.

Translated from Hebrew