March Around the World

F-16 fighter jets converted into remotely controlled UAVs

March Around the World

Will the solar plane manage to circumnavigate the world?

March Around the World

French Foreign Minister arrives at the scene of crash in Argentina

March Around the World

150 Killed in Alps Airliner Crash

Alps air disaster, tragic helicopters crash, US army’s unmanned F-16 and the solar plane intended to circumnavigate the world. Reviewing March’s event

Eilon Tohar | Translation: Eden Sharon

150 Killed in Alps Airliner Crash
“Germanwings” airliner crashed last week in the Alps, killing 150 passengers and crew members. The discovery of the circumstances leading to the event aroused great astonishment throughout the world. International media revealed that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who suffered from severe depression, deliberately crashed the plane and was not at all fit to fly a plane.
Lubitz took advantage of the momentary absence of the chief pilot, who went to the bathroom, locked him out of the cockpit and took over the plane.

Medical documents indicate Lubitz’s disturbed mental state were found, alongside antidepressants used to be taken by the co-pilot.
The investigation of the case continues and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has already put changes in flight regulations into force.

Argentina: Helicopters Crashed in front of the Camera
The crash of two helicopters in Argentina took the lives of eight reality show participants and two Argentinean pilots. The helicopters flew in western Argentina as part of French reality TV show. Among the victims were three famous athletes and Olympic medalists: boxer Alexis Vastine, 28, swimmer Camille Muffat, 25 and yachtswoman Florence Arthaud, 57.

Watch the moment of collision:



F-16 converted into UAV landed in USAF Base
The first revolutionary model of the partially fighter jet, partially UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) landed in Tindel Airbase in Florida. USAF will use old F-16 fighter jets converted into remotely controlled UAVs.
Similar to original UAVs, upgraded F-16s can be operated by a control center from the ground. The new F-16Q will have the advantages of a fighter jet, such as the ability to fly in extremely high speeds and perform complicated aerial maneuvers.

The innovative development is a part of transaction between the US Army and “Boeing”, during which 126 F-16Qs will be transferred to the US army.

Solar Plane to Circumnavigate the World
The “Solar Impulse 2” plane took off this month for its mission of circumnavigating the world without using any fuel for the first time in history. The Swiss plane is not powered by sunlight but can also accumulate solar energy to be used during nighttime. Should the plane complete its mission, it will be an unprecedented breakthrough heralding a new area of economical, environmentally-friendly aviation.

“Solar Impulse 2” took off from Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf and is expected to cross the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean before returning To Abu Dhabi in five months.

Watch the historical take off: