May Around the World

May Around the World

May Around the World

China to build 42,000 military UAVs

May Around the World

The heavy transport plane that crashed in Spain

“Airbus” airliner crash in Spain, mysterious noises from the Edge of Space, first F-35 female pilot, extreme Chinese Air Force project and the men who soared above Dubai. A look on May’s aviation events

“Airbus A400M” Crashed in Spain
Four men were killed in an “Airbus A400M” crash in Spain in early May. Two Airbus workers who were also on the plane were severely injured after the plane dove to the ground as a result of a technical malfunction during a test flight. Following the crash, France has decided to limit flights on this plane and Britain and Germany announced a full cessation until publishing investigation conclusion.

Noises from the Edge of Space
An intriguing experiment of the American space agency is what stands behind a balloon flown to a height of 22 Miles above earth, equipped with infrasound microphones capable of capturing sounds below human hearing range. The microphones absorbed bizarre hisses in the atmosphere layer called “Edge of Space” for the first time in 50 years. The “Daily Mail” reported that the high-altitude balloon passed 725 Km in seven hours and reached a record height of 22 Miles. This is the first time an experiment of this kind is conducted in such high altitude. Meanwhile, various conjectures try to explain the eerie noises. “It sounds kind of like ‘The X-Files’”, said Daniel Bowman, experiment designer and executer, to “Live Science”.

Listen for yourself:


F-35 First Female Pilot
While the IAF looks forward to the arrival of the F-35 stealth jets, Lieutenant Colonel Christine Mau of the U.S. Air Force began training flights as the first female pilot of the jet. Mau, a former F-15 pilot who took part in the aerial campaign in Afghanistan, completed 14 training missions in an F-35 simulator before taking off with the single-seat jet at the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

China to Build 42,000 Military UAVs
Every year, the Pentagon issues a detailed report to the congress regarding the china military power. May’s report includes some fascinating findings, among which China’s far-reaching plan to build 41,800 UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) until 2023 at a cost of 10.5 billion USD. For example, estimations from last years indicate that the Pentagon operates only 7000 UAVs. In addition, China invests in developing UAV designated weapon and platforms in the field of air defense. The Chinese Air Force, which consist of 2,800 aircraft (UAVs and fighter jets not included) and 2,100 fighter jets, is considered the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world.

Crossing Dubai with a Jetpack
after encircling Mount Fiji, gliding over the Grand Canyon and flying next to a B-17 bomber, the Jetman Yves Rossy crossed the skies of Dubai with nothing but a jetpack. Rossy is known for his documented adventures in his Jetpack, including a special flight from France to England in 2008. This time he flew with protégé, Vince Reffet, and was documented in this amazing video: