“May you fly the best planes” The Israeli Air Force commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, tells, in an exclusive interview to the IAF website, what concerns him and what he wishes to the new graduates from flight school

“The main thing I worry about is the people”, said Maj. Gen. Nehushtan and surprised me.
People. Not Hezbollah, not the riots in Syria, people.
“The most important thing is to keep the people, in two dimensions: to keep the Air Force attractive, so people would want to join us and evolve. The other dimension is to concentrate our efforts in technological education, and maintain the advanced technology at our disposal. This is one of my main concerns, and I’m quite sure it’s the most important one.
“In the most complex operational tasks we have, when I see who is designated to carry out the mission, I say we are lucky these are our people. Once they were there, it would be great. Behind every task, as complex as it could be, far away as you can imagine, stands a group of many people – In the aircraft shelter, in the cockpit, in HQ. It doesn’t take more than entering the cockpit of each aircraft in the corps, combat, transport or intelligence, to understand just how complicated it is.
“The secret of the IAF is experience along with a youthful spirit, the right combination of older people with experience and young talented people. If we manage to keep it, we will keep the corps.
“The IAF’s purpose is to maintain the existence of the state of Israel and to be a protective force in the air. To fulfill this mission, we ought to have the best people. Enlisting them and keeping them in the corps is not a trivial thing”.

This week, a new generation of pilots will stand on the parade ground. What do you wish for them?

“I wish them to fit well within the power of the IAF and its traditions, and that thanks to this defense force we would be able to fulfill our desire to live peacefully. The better we do our mission, the faster it would happen.
“I wish they would continue to develop the IAF, fly the best aircraft and take care of themselves.
“The IAF is an essential shield for security and a necessary support for peace, especially for peace. We still have a long road ahead of us and it may be hard to see the end, but we should be proud and happy with what we have, and be sure we can reach our goal”.