Medic Receives Honorary Citation Medic Receives Honorary Citation

Commander of the IAF: “Anastasia, I take my hat off to you” Medic Receives Honorary Citation

“I still can’t believe I’m receiving an honorary citation” Medic Receives Honorary Citation

Cadet Anastasia Begdalov, with Commander of the IAF and Head of the Adjutant General Branch After demonstrating aplomb and much courage as she took care of her friends injured in the bus bombing, Officer Cadet Anastasia Begdalov received an honorary Brigadier General citation from Head of the Adjutant General Branch, Brigadier General Ilan Boger. “I did everything to help the injured and I still can’t believe I received a citation”

Shay Rosenfeld

At the height of the treacherous officer course, Cadet Anastasia Begdalov received a short break. She returned south, to the Ovda airbase where she once served, and was awarded with the special honor from Commander of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehoshtan, Head of the Adjutant General Branch, Brigadier General Ilan Boger and other officers from the force. She was summoned for her actions during the terrorist attack on Road 12 in August 2011.
Slowly, the seats of the cinema at Ovda airbase filled up with many guests, executives of the force, Anastasia’s family, and even the family of Guy, one of the injured people whose lives Anastasia saved.

“The treatment was the goal, the surroundings turned to black”

“I traveled on line 396 toward the direction of Eilat, and at 11:50 the shootings began and with them the hysteria and screaming”, says Cadet Begdalov, who was on the attacked bus several days before completing her medic course at Ovda. “It’s hard for me to explain what I was feeling. We bent over on each other and I literally crawled over people in order to reach those who were injured. I saw their treatment as the goal and everything around that turned to black”.

Without medical equipment or physician assistance, Anastasia, at only 19-years-old, began taking care of the many injured. “I think I took care of five people. One of them was severely injured, after losing a lot of blood when a bullet penetrated both his legs”, she rehashes the difficult moments. “I used everything I could find on the bus that could help. I even remember one of the class commanders on the bus giving me his “commanding string”, and I used it to block arterial bleeding, I did everything in order to help the injured and I still can’t believe I’m receiving an honorary citation for that”.

“Try to imagine yourselves in that scenario, I know I try to”, said Commander of the IAF. “Think what kind of person you have to be to pull yourself together, erase the surprise and shock, and just take care and save human beings. You need to be a special person. Anastasia, I take my hat off to you”, said Major General Nehoshtan.