Meet the 669 Search & Rescue Unit Meet the 669 Search & Rescue Unit Meet the 669 Search & Rescue Unit The 669 Search & Rescue unit never stops to rest: Since its establishment in 1974, the unit has participated in numerous daring operations throughout Israel and beyond–beginning with rescuing injured hikers to evacuating forces under fire

Michal Khayut

The 669 Search & Rescue Unit was founded in 1974, after the Yom Kippur War. Two years before the founding of the unit, two Phantom planes collided above sea, and as rescue efforts ensued, one of the four crew members drowned. An investigative committee established in the wake of the event recommended the founding of a unit whose expertise would be in search and rescue.

This week, after 18 months of training, a new generation of aerial search & rescue fighters will join the unit’s ranks. Throughout their service, they are expected to participate in numerous and complex rescue missions, much like their predecessors, Search & Rescue reservists:

Meet the 669 Search & Rescue Unit