Meet the Iron Dome

Alongside the Missle Firing Pad Meet the Iron Dome Meet the Iron Dome

The Ambassador, Commander of the Active Defense Wing, and Commander of the Battery The new American ambassador to Israel visited the “Iron Dome” batteries and stated: The cooperation will continue

Michal Weissbrod

 Daniel Shapiro, the new United States ambassador to Israel, embarked on a tour in the southern part of the country on which he visited the “Iron Dome” batteries. He was hosted at the batteries site and listened to informative explanations about the world of active defense.
“April marks the first successful operation of this new technology. IDF’s skilled human resources are the ones who made it possible”, said Shapiro during his visit. “In the name of the United States of America, I’m proud to be a part of this great achievement: demolishing missiles that are aimed toward citizens. I’m looking forward to the continuing development of the system so it can protect additional people”.
As a result of the renewal of missile shootings toward communities in Southern Israel, the battery situated in the south is continuously on very high alert.
“The atmosphere is of particular preparedness”, says the commander of the battery, Captain Elad. “The soldiers were glad to return to a place where they lead the first operational successes. We want to be where we’re effective and necessary, and therefore we’re filled with motivation and great determination here”.
First Lieutenant Omer, the operations officer of the battery, says: “There is great tension as a result of the situation. On the one hand, we want to avoid deploying forces in vain, and on the other we’re hoping that nothing happens”.
New Blood
After a lengthy period of time in which “Iron Dome” batteries were comprised mainly of officers from other aviation defense systems like “Stinger” and “Patriot”, who underwent brief training to learn how to activate the new system, a new generation has finally come.
“Many of the officers and fighters just got here recently”, says First Lieutenant Omer. “Now almost everyone here was born into “Iron Dome””.
“It’s actually a great human fabric”, explains the commander of the battery. “There are experienced soldiers who went through the previous intensification on April, and there are those who were still at home at the time, training, and are now technicians or fighters at the battery”.
Captain Elad himself only arrived at the battery two weeks ago, after serving as a Company Commander at “Ram” battalion, which activates Stinger missiles.