Meeting of Generations Meeting of Generations A special delegation of holocaust survivors and partisans arrived to the“First Combat Squadron” for a special gathering


The encounter was very emotional both for the soldiers, as well as the WWII survivors. Base commander, Colonel Ariel, and squadron commander Lt. Col. Yaron together with their staff, listen to each survivor’s story.

The delegation then toured the various parts of the air base, watched a movie about a flyover above Auschwitz concentration camp, and witnessed a launch of fighter jets.

“We found the visit to be very exciting and meaningful. It is very important to pass on the memory of what we went through to the future generations”, said one of the ex-partisans.

It is estimated that some 30,000 Jewish partisans participated in underground resistance to the Nazi rule during WWII. Many of them were escapees from Jewish ghettos and concentration camps.