Memorial Day (“Yom Hazikaron” in Hebrew) ceremony took place at the Hazor base on April 27th 2009, honouring the memory of over 22,000 soldiers killed in the line of duty in Israel’s wars, and thousands of civilian terror victims

Gal Goldshtein | Nikolai Avrutov

The ceremony, headed by the air force commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, was attended by the air-base personnel and their families. In addition, 60 French Jews, volunteers of the “Sarel” organization, who came especially to Israel in order to volunteer for the IDF, were present.

“Today we are marking 42 years since the six-days war was over. That heroic war, which changed our country forever”, said in her speech a mother of a fallen soldier, with her two grand children standing by her side. “That great war has become my personal grief. 42 years passed, and as difficult as they were they became a source of power and inspiration to me”.

“This base has lost 188 soldiers over the years. Each one – a unique world of its own”, said Col. Ariel. “Each person left a void behind him, that his friends and family could never fill. The burden of protecting this country is passed from one generation to another, with a great sense of responsibility. Even at our 61st year of independence, our country is faced with grave threats and challenges. The reality becomes more complex from year to year. The air force continues to play a major role in the defence of this country. We, the ones in charge of this land’s safety and security, are committed to do everything we can to one day make the dream of peace in our region – a reality”.

The ceremony sealed with the singing of Israel’s national anthem – “Hatikva”.