Memories of Peace Memories of Peace Memories of Peace The “International Day of Peace” is mentioned every year on September 21st. It is dedicated to the absence of war, mutual assistance and actions taken toward peace. This is a chance for the Israeli Air Force to rummage through its archives and find beautiful memories

Dana Rusou

The aerial peace demonstration of the Jordanian Air Force with the IAF took off close to 16 years ago in honor of the year anniversary of the peace agreement between the two countries.
In the skies of Tiberias on the morning of October 22nd, 1995, Israeli “F-15 Eagle” and “F-16 Fighting Falcon” planes, Jordanian “F-5” and “F-1 Mirage” planes, Israeli “UH-60 Blackhawks” Helicopters and Jordanian “Super Pumas” flew alongside one another.
In the air, through Karmiel, along the coastline, over Jerusalem, as well as in the skies of Amman and Irbid, the aircrafts bore the national flags along with a flag with the inscription “Shalom/Salam”. Many preparations preceded the flight, which marked a year since the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel.

“On a new journey”

“In the beginning we talked about the fact that Jordanian pilots are situated behind us while we lead them. When a plane flies behind you it’s also in a potential firing position”, Lieutenant Colonel A’, who participated in the demonstration as Commander of the “Valley” squadron, told the Air Force Magazine several years ago.
“You say to yourself: ‘wait a minute, I’m over here and a Jordanian pilot is behind me in shooting range. Who knows what he wants to do’. But eventually, you understand the mind frame of the event. There’s no doubt that a flight together with pilots who trained for years in order to fight us and until not too long ago were considered our enemies was a special experience. The warmhearted meeting with them proved that there’s a chance to put a long dispute behind us and embark on a new journey, if a mutual interest is successfully obtained by both nations”.