MoD: “IAF is Sharp and Exact” MoD: “IAF is Sharp and Exact”

“We are fulfilling our responsibilities with much care” Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak arrived at the Knights of the twin Tail squadron where he raised a toast for the New Year alongside IDF Chief of Staff and Commander of the IAF

Tal Michael | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

Between important international discussions about the complete picture of the defense system, Ehud Barak arrived at the F-15 “Knights of the Double Tail” squadron in Tel Nof Airbase for a visit. “I came here especially to say thank you”, said the Minister of Defense to the people of the formation. “Thank you, on behalf of me, the Ministry of Defense and the people of Israel”.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a combat aircraft that caught the Minister of Defense’s eye when he walked into the advanced underground hangar. “The equal representation of women and men around here is impressive”, he said. “My generation wasn’t used to dealing with this amount of recruits. We didn’t have this sort of compliance back in the day; there is no doubt that this is a good sign”.

After being presented and impressed with the aircrafts, Barak got a briefing from the commander of the IAF, Brigadier General Amir Eshel. “The IAF is strong, significant, aims high and yet is grounded. We complete the duty placed on our shoulders with the upmost respect and responsibility. The IAF is based on its legacy and force; we take it to the highest places”.

“We Can Deal with Anything”

As the day continued, the Minister of Defense raised a toast for the New Year, “Lately, we’ve been going through a rough patch”, he stated. “The state of Israel and the IAF are sharp, precise and determined to complete our missions. Although we are surrounded by hostile forces, we’ll stand strong against every challenge and in time of need react and succeed”.

Commander of the IDF Bennie Gantz joined the Minister of Defense and said: “Thank you for everything. I wish you the fulfillment of all your desires during the upcoming year. We will continue our mission and hope to maintain our force and power”.