Models & Memories

Ready For Takeoff Whoever looked toward the sky in the Rishon Le’Zion area was treated to a scene of dozens of models adorning the skies, during a model airplanes display in memory of a fallen pilot trainee

Itay Itamar | Photography: Offir Harel

This isn’t the first time the Rishon LeZion skies are decorated in various model airplane presentations. The event took place for the 4th time in honor of the fallen pilot trainee Stav Golan, who died from cancer in the year 2005.
The Golan family, who works all year to prepare the event together with the “Scale” model airplane club of Israel, says that many of the model plane operators annually participate in the event, which is the largest in Israel, since the year 2008. On this fair day, the event boasted an audience of hundreds of people, friends and family, along with a strong IAF presence.
Throughout the day over 30 aerial shows took place, in structures of six or seven planes. Whoever arrived at the landing strip could enjoy reenactments of the show created using various pyrotechnic techniques.
The Golan family also took part in the event, flying three scaled planes, built by father Danny together with his son, which are very similar to the aircrafts’ true dimensions. The father-son duo presented a show that consisted of lowering cable and rescue cranes and simulating a rescue.
“Even before he was in the Pilot Training Course, Stav was a model-plane pilot”, says Danny, “It’s not about a memorial event, but a joyous one, a happening in honor of Stav and the things he loved to do”.