Negev Bases Join Forces

“The topographical location puts some ‘meat’ on our exercises” (Illustrative Photo) Negev Bases Join Forces

“Helping each other even through operative commands” (Illustrative Photo) Negev Bases Join Forces

Practicing Together in the Desert Sands (Illustrative Photo) The Southern Ovda airbase and Sayarim base of Combat Scouting are amping up their cooperation. Conducting joint training sessions, participating in races and taking advantage of the field in order to challenge the soldiers–“It’s the road towards victory”

Shai Rosenfeld

“Let’s arouse the wilderness of the south”, David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel and a former Minister of Defense used to say. It seems as if the IAF has taken his saying very seriously. After establishing four bases in the dunes of the desert, the IAF has begun increasing cooperation with Negev bases of the ground forces.
“We have been working together for a while” explained commander of Ovda Airbase, Colonel Avi. “Firstly, the people of Sayarim Airbase are currently staying in our base’s housing and use the communal public transportation of the two bases. Additionally, we are conducting many joint training sessions, learning about from and about each other. We’re also preparing for the establishment of the new instructional base area, that is supposed to be built around here, and want to increase the cooperation with the thousands of soldiers who will arrive here”, said Commander of the Ovda airbase.

According to the commander of the Combat Gathering Academy, Colonel Tal Brown, the seeds are only being planted. ” We learned about each other and about the existing potential of the south, the operations and the various cooperation trainings”, said Colonel Brown, “A few years back, Ovda Airbase conducted an instructional assembly about the IAF’s instructional units, and kindly invited us, along with other commanders. Another time, we arrived at the Leadership forum which was meant for the cadets of the Officer’s Academy’ and learned a lot about the prospective of the Force’s leaders.”

Using One Another
In between cooperative assemblies and Negev Races where they went out for a joint run through the deserts of Ovda, both bases are conducting training sessions together and various scenarios they could possibly face. “Our topographic location allows us to construct challenging outlines for our soldiers”, said Commander of the Combat Scouting Academy. “It takes up most of our training time”.
“It’s a win win situation”, states Colonel Brown. “We live in the same area, and help each other with operative orders. It’s the road to victory.”