Nevatim’s New Sector: Jenin

Routinely, the “Negev” Brigade defends Nevatim Airbase


Nevatim’s New Sector: Jenin

Brigadier General Simhi: “Don’t forget the people standing on the other side”


Nevatim’s New Sector: Jenin

Defending the Sector Through Difficult Times The fighters protecting the southern Nevatim Airbase were deployed to protect an entirely new area. In the last few months they arrived at territorial brigade ‘Ephraim’ in the West Bank, where they cooperate with the infantry corps. “They can complete any task given” says the regiment commander

Yuval Tsuk

Only one year ago, the ‘Negev Brigade’ was established–consisting of trained warriors who are focused on protecting the southern airbases. Aside of keeping their home base safe, they are also required to complete operational missions in one of the most dangerous zones in the country–Judah and Samaria (the West Bank).

Two and a half months ago, the ‘Nevatim’ fighters packed up their equipment and headed north to the Givon base next to the city of Jenin. Upon arrival, they took part in the general security operations, were positioned in various stations of defense and participated in ambushes. Yesterday, they got an unpredictable visit: Their home base commander, Brigadier General Ronen Simhi, came to check on them.

“It’s not the same without you”

When the Commander of Nevatim Airbase arrived at territorial brigade ‘Ephraim’, he met the Regiment commander of ‘Givon’ who was in charge of Simhi’s soldiers for the last three months. The Regiment commander told him about the soldiers’ contributions to the peace and quiet throughout the area and about the way they dealt with the 1948 Palestinian exodus (Nakba) day and the Palestinian Prisoners Day. “You face these situations on a daily basis”, says Lieutenant Colonel Shlomi, Brigadier General of ‘Givon’. “These soldiers are a blessing. They can complete any task given”.

If you take a quick look at the Negev fighters you will soon realize that the ‘Wolves’ (a common military vehicle) are strangers no more to them, and that they are as accustomed to the vehicles as they were to Nevatim’s Hercules Airplanes. Brigadier general Simhi, who was interested in their well-being, shared his experiences as an aerial fighter. “Remember who you’re fighting against”, he reminded the soldiers, “take responsibility and never forget your morality. But most of all–return home safely”.

The Commander of the aviation squadron of Nevatim airbase, Lieutenant Colonel Amiram, referenced the area’s unique challenges: “Nevatim Airbase isn’t stationed at a similar area to ours. None the less, you have to stick to your mission–protecting the base no matter the