New Alert System for ISR planes

New system will warn ISR planes pilots from impact. The system was already installed in dozens of “Beechcraft King-Air” planes and is used to track adjacent aircraft

Vered Talala | Translation: Eden Sharon

The ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) squadrons in Sde-Dov Airbase were recently equipped with new alert system, which has already helped to upgrade flight safety level.

Throughout the years, the number of active aircraft in the IAF has increased dramatically, directly increasing aerial traffic and the risk of aerial accidents. Four years of hard work on the side of IAF technician came to an end and pilots could go out on operational activities with no fear of unexpected aerial “surprises”.
“Now you are not afraid when other airplanes fly next to you”, said Lieutenant Colonel Yoav, Commander of the “First” squadron. “There are other implications besides safety. It allows more planes to fly together closely”.

“We fly much safer today”
The system that installed in the “Beechcraft King-Air B200” and the “Beechcraft King-Air C-12” is tracking close-by aircraft and presenting them to the air crew members on the plane.
When a plane enters the safety range, the system detects an impact hazard and relying on speed, altitude and flight direction data and provide the pilots with relevant verbal alert.
“It is impossible to fly without that system in Israel”, said Colonel Yahel, Commander of Sde-Dov Airbase. “It is a highly important system which prevents crashes and therefore saves lives. We fly much safer today”.