New Cameras for Patriot System

The Patriot is Expected to Go Through a Major Overhaul New Cameras for Patriot System

A Patriot Battery in the South New Cameras for Patriot System

A Patriot Missile Launch The Patriot system has been active for over 20 years on the Aerial Defense lines. Soon, it will receive an overall facelift and a general capability update. The first step: New cameras will assist the batteries in constructing a more exact aerial image

Shir Aharon Bram

The Patriot Weaponry System is standing before a significant upgrade to its capabilities. In the coming months, the batteries will receive advanced cameras, which will assist with locating aerial targets: planes, missiles and UAVs.

The Aerial Defense Formation claims that the cameras will be more advanced than the current ones and boast night-vision and far-range recognition capabilities. “The cameras were purchased in order to respond to a need for improved radar location and aerial photo construction”, explains Captain Matan Shalom, head of the Patriot division in the Aerial Defense Formation Headquarters. “The cameras will be added as a part of a general upgrade that the Patriot is receiving, which includes adding new capabilities and maintaining systems that already exist”.

The Patriot is a Surface-to-Air missile system that is designed to intercept aircrafts along with missile and rocket targets. It became operational in 1991, when the first battery was deployed in the Gulf War in order to respond to Scud threats-the main threat at the time. After the war, the Patriot system was integrated into the IAF, and today is one of the most important systems in the Aerial Defense Formation.