New Fighters for Search & Rescue Unit New Fighters for Search & Rescue Unit New Fighters for Search & Rescue Unit New Fighters for Search & Rescue Unit New Fighters for Search & Rescue Unit New fighters of the IAF 669 Search & Rescue unit can wear their new cat pins with nothing but pride, after a year and a half of arduous training. During the concluding ceremony Commander of the IAF awarded the graduates with the coveted pin. “You deserve to be among the best of the best”

Michal Khayut

After overcoming a year and a half long course, 669 Search & Rescue unit fighters officially joined the force. The green-eyed cat pin was given to the soldiers by IAF Commander Major General Amir Eshel in a ceremony held at the Modi’in River. “You all arrived from around the country and some of you from abroad”, said commander of the IAF to the graduates. “You overcame an arduous and very demanding course which turned you into experienced fighters who have the ability to deal with very complex situations. The pins you will be wearing from this day forward are a testimony to your success and your right to be among the best of the best”.

Throughout the festive ceremony, the graduates and their commanders preformed a presentation they learned in the course: An alarm was heard from the speakers and signified the beginning of their mission. Immediately, a CH-53 helicopter appeared and six 669 fighters climbed out of it. With a tremendous display of skill and experience, they run towards the injured while protecting themselves of the unknown field dangers, and lift him onto the stretcher. It is not too long before the CH-53 helicopter returns and completes the rescue mission. “It’s a very intense and emotional course”, said Sergeant S’, one of the commended soldiers in the course. “I learned a lot from this experience; I dealt with many things I thought I would not be able to overcome, and mostly made many good friends. When you go through something like this together, your friendship can last forever”.