New Head for Intelligence Formation

The Baton is Passed New Head for Intelligence Formation

Incoming Head of the Intelligence Formation. Brigadier General Nitzan New Head for Intelligence Formation

Brigadier General Shaharabani: Future IAF attaché to Washington New Head for Intelligence Formation

“The Intelligence is a crucial link in exerting military power” Brigadier General Nitzan is the new head of the IAF Intelligence Formation. He will be replacing Brigadier General Ya’akov Shaharabani, who was a member of the force’s commanding officers forum for almost a decade. “Without the Intelligence Squadron, the IAF is like a blindfolded wrestler”

Lya Shanel | Photography: Coral Goldman

The IAF operational replacements keep on going. After the Head of the IAF Headquarters and Commander of Aerial Squadrons were replaced, the responsibility over the intelligence Squadron was given to a new authority which will be accountable for the entire intelligence of the Force.

The previous Commander of the Squadron, Brigadier General Shaharabani, is destined to become the IAF’s attaché in Washington. Brigadier General Nitzan, who was in charge of the ammunition department in the IAF Headquarters, will be taking over. “The past couple of years have been absolutely thrilling and the upmost fascinating and enriching experience, in such an unsettling time in the history of Israel”, said Brigadier General Shaharabani. “Without the Intelligence Squadron, the IAF is like a blindfolded wrestler. The Intelligence Squadron is the guiding hand behind important operational missions, alongside long-term plans.”

Brigadier General Shaharabani was recruited to the IAF Pilot Training Course a year before the start of the First Lebanon War. He was an exceptional soldier and operated as a combat helicopter pilot in the “160 Squadron”, where he participated in 100 operational takeoffs during combat. After operating as a commander, instructing and working within the IAF’s Headquarters, he became head of the Apachi Squadron, later became commander of the Helicopter course of the IAF’s Aviation Academy. After Commanding over Ovda Airbase and the unit of cooperation, he operated in two Brigadier General roles: Head of the Helicopter Formation, and Head of the Intelligence Formation.

Behind the Scenes
Commander of the IAF thanked the senior combat helicopter pilot for the years he spent serving the Force. “The Intelligence Squadron is a crucial link in the power chains of the IAF, which is why it has existed ever since the establishment of the Force”, said Major General Nehoshtan. “Although the systems have changed significantly, the curiosity and the thirst to learn remained, behind the scenes, contributing to the security of the nation, away from the spotlights”.

Now, Brigadier General Nitzan will be in charge of the Intelligence Formation: he graduated from the IAF’s 110th Pilot Training Course. Later, he turned to a different field and Headquarter positions where he commanded over the “Defenders of the South” Squadron. He was head of the Force’s Ammunition department and later became a Brigadier General. “Thank you for believing in me”, said Brigadier General Nitzan to Commander of the IAF Ido Nehoshtan. “I’m very proud to become the Head of Intelligence Formation of the IAF. It’s a quality formation filled with ambitious people. Together, we’ll withstand the various challenges”.