New Iron Dome Battery Deployed

New Iron Dome Battery Deployed

New Iron Dome Battery Deployed

The Commander of the Aerial Defense forces arrived today at the new northern battery to examine the latest deployment

Naomi Zoreff | Translation: Eden Sharon

A new “Iron Dome” battery was deployed in northern Israel earlier this week. Brigadier General Shachar Shochat, Commander of the Aerial Defense forces, visited the newly-deployed battery today in order to review the preparation for the protection of Israel’s northern borders.

“Our formation is, by definition, a defensive formation and we always have to prepare in advance”, he said. “Our success will be measured by the demonstration of professionalism, readiness, vigilance and determination”.
In these hours, “Iron Dome” operators stand ready for any activity they might be required to perform.

“We have been practicing for a variety of scenarios in all areas since the end of Operation ‘Protective Edge’. The process of preparing the soldiers and the systems is long and important and does not happen in a snap of a finger like it seems”, explained Brigadier General Shochat.

Improving the Capabilities
The northern arena has different characters than the ones of the southern arena, with which “Iron Dome” batteries dealt last summer. The “Iron Dome” combat soldiers demonstrated impressive capabilities during Operation “Protective Edge” and even won an award on behalf of the IDF Chief of Staff. “Right now we keep improving our capabilities and sharpening our senses in order to enable continuous operation if needed”, said Brigadier General Shochat to the combat soldiers.