New Patriot Simulator in Israel New Patriot Simulator in Israel New Patriot Simulator in Israel An advanced Patriot anti-aircraft and anti-missile simulator has arrived at the Aerial Defense Academy. The advanced simulator will allow fighters who have been practicing on simulators located in the U.S to practice defending the Israeli skies at home, in a more flexible and frequent manner

Shir Aharon Bram

An advanced training center intended to train the fighters of the Patriot battery has been stationed at the Aerial Defense Academy in southern Israel. The advanced simulator will allow a larger range of training scenarios to patriot warriors which have been practicing in the United States until the recent arrival.

“With this new addition, we have upgraded our training methods. In fact, the entire “Patriot” instruction technique has been reformed with the help of the simulator”, explained Captain Matan Shalom, head of the Patriot Unit in the Instruction Division at the Aerial Defense Headquarters. “With this new acquisition, we can reconstruct and debrief simulations in a much more profound way”.

In the Future: A Joint Training Session between Patriot Fighters and Pilots
The new simulator includes ten stations to simulate the stations in the control trailer of the patriot system. The simulator also consists of instructional stations that can control the various scenarios to be projected on the screens. During simulations, fighters must spot enemy targets, react quickly and operate against hostile aircraft roaming the Israeli sky.

“We suspect that in the future, the simulator will allow us more points of intersection with other training systems across the force, such as flight simulators” shares Lieutenant Colonel Gershon Zlutnik, Head of the Instructional Division at the Aerial Defense Academy. “The connection will allow cooperation with other formations in the force. There may be a time where a pilot and a Patriot controller will have to cooperate”. The near future will mark the integration of the Arrow Missile Interception System in the IAF, which will also be placed in the Aerial Defense Academy.