Night air strike in Gaza Strip The underground tunnels in Gaza are a central smuggling route of arms into the Gaza strip. The IAF attacked several tunnels in response to recent shooting incidents

IAF aircraft destroyed two terrorist tunnels and one smuggling tunnel at the southern part of Gaza Strip in a surgical attack tonight. The terrorist tunnels serve terrorists who attempt to infiltrate Israeli territory with the purpose of committing terrorist acts against Israeli soldiers and citizens. Direct hits were confirmed and the aircraft safely returned to its base. 

The attack comes in response to the shooting incidents against Israeli citizens in recent week. Four Israeli settlers, including a pregnant woman were murdered when a gunman opened fire from a passing vehicle.  

The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and its soldiers. It will continue to actively act against anyone who attempts to terrorize the state of Israel.

The IDF holds HAMAS responsible for the recent acts of violence and for the security instability at the Gaza Strip.