A legal victory for the Ministry of Environmental Protection: Owners, the manager, and a worker of the Kfar Nahum Restaurant have been ordered to pay a total of NIS 400,000 for polluting the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret Lake), a nearby stream, groundwater, and the Kfar Nahum national park. The eatery, located near the lake in northern Israel, has been convicted of the illegal pollution on at least seven different occasions. The manager and employee have also been sentenced to community service.

​Kfar Nahum Restaurant, which it turns out has been operating without a business license, was not connected to the main sewage line in the area, that would treat the wastewater. Therefore, the wastewater coming out of the restaurant collected in two adjacent cesspools.

According to the indictment, the worker was instructed to empty the sewage that collected into agricultural areas near the Kinneret coast. In 2011, inspectors caught the worker in the act. The inspectors are from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s Eitam unit, responsible for preservation of the coastal environment. The worker fled, leaving behind the sewage.

In another incident, a direct pipeline connecting the cesspools and the Kinneret was discovered. The turbidity and the pollution values of the water coming from the pipe was high.