October Around the World

The huge rockets that successfully passed the last design inspection and were declared suitable to launch

October Around the World

Rej Greenberg, a pilot from Colorado, built a jet in his garage

October Around the World

A video published this month confirms that Iraqi Air Force has acquired a CH-4B UAV from China

October Around the World

F-16V, the newest Lockheed Martin version of the F-16 jet, took off for the first time this month

October Around the World

Squadrons of the Indian Air Force. Women can now serve as combat pilots

The pilot that built a jet with a “Do It Yourself” kit, Iraq’s new UAV, the upgraded F-16, India’s army is advancing and NASA’s rockets that will be sent to Mars. This month, “Around the World”

Tal Giladi | Translation: Ofri Aharon

Indian Air Force’s modernized policy
Marshall Arok Raha, Indian Air Force commander, has stated that the Indian army is now allowing women to become combat soldiers in the Air Force. The first women pilots will be positioned within the next two to three years thanks to a proposal that was submitted by the air force to the Ministry of Defense.

“Today, there are women pilots that fly transport aircraft and helicopters”, explained Raha at a parade celebrating 83 years since the establishment of the Indian Air Force, “we plan on integrating women into combat positions and to adapt ourselves to the aspirations of young women”. One may infer the main desire to integrate women into the air force may come from a lack of men pilot, as just one year ago Raha proclaimed that women are not suitable to fly combat jets for long distances. The Indian Army, with over one million combat soldiers, is ranked as one of the largest army’s in the world and is currently transforming its arsenal from Soviet to western made aircraft.

New and Newer
The F-16V, Lockheed Martin’s newest version of the F-16, took off for the first time this month. The upgraded jet fighter, which was officially launched in 2012 and came out of the company’s production line in Texas includes an upgraded cockpit, improved avionics and new AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar, which is described by Lockheed as a quantum leap in the already familiar F-16. “These additions will allow for successful coping with dynamic threats that may possibly arise in the next few decades”, the company stated.

The F-16 was launched in 1974. Today, there are 4,500 F-16 fighter jets in 26 different air forces around the world. The newest version, F-16V, is sold to new and old Lockheed such as Taiwan, who will reequip 144 of its F-16A/B jets.

A rainbow in Iraq’s sky
A video released this month by Iraq’s Ministry of Defense confirms that the Iraqi army has equipped itself with a Chinese CH-4B UAV, named “rainbow in the sky”. The video below shows the UAV take off from Kote airbase, on its first operational mission against IS terror organization targets in Anbar province, Iraq. The UAV has long endurance capabilities and attack capabilities.








Soon on Mars
NASA’s huge rockets (Space Launch System) have successfully passed the last design inspection and are officially considered suitable to be launched into space. NASA describes the mission as astronauts advancing from the orbit into deep space. The first launch is anticipated to take place in 2020 and will reach Mars in 2030. Now, after the rockets were colored orange and passed the design inspection, engineers could begin building and assembling the rocket and prepare for the final inspection phase which will take place in 2017.

The man who built a jet from home
What did you do over summer? Rej Greenberg, a pilot from Colorado, built a jet in his own garage. Greenberg is the first person in the world to acquire the building kit for “SubSonexs” – single engine jet and during a period of three months labored over building the airplane and flew it for the first time this month. “I flew the ‘SubSonex’ this morning and was in the air for 35 minutes. Everything worked perfectly”, Greenberg reported to the kit producers.

The kit costs approximately $135,000, including the jets engine. “I hold a commercial license and single jet license, I have flown over 4,500 hours but I have never flown an airplane”, Greenberg said, “when I first saw the ‘SubSonex’ prototype, I was the first to buy it”, Today, six kits are currently being built around the world and surprisingly, the building process has a considerably small amount of work for the consumer. All you have to do is build the engine, fill up gas, install the avionic and BRS parachute, paint the jet with fresh paint and you can reach