One of Us

Noa and Major Yael Bar, Editor-in-Chief of the IAF Magazine One of Us

On the Runway One of Us

Noa Alongside the “Skyhawk” The five girls who will complete the “Pilot Training Course” include one who is the pride of our unit: a former IAF Magazine correspondent. Her journalistic pen will soon be replaced with pilot wings, which she will receive in a ceremony in “Hatzerim” Airbase

First Lieutenant Noa’s last article for the IAF Magazine was about graduates of the “Pilot Training Course”, who decided to embark on journey to becoming pilots after already completing a segment of their military service in various roles. No one thought that such will be her case as well, that she will leave the IAF Magazine’s staff and complete the journey to becoming an IAF Combat Navigator.

In honor of the upcoming ceremony, Noa met with the Editor-in-Chief of the IAF magazine, to discuss all that she has gone through in the past three years since deciding to become a pilot. She told us about the challenges, the successes and failures, about the winding road that is about to come to an end.

“Everyone in the Course has an extremely powerful inner drive to succeed. On the one hand, you live hour to hour, day to day and week to week. On the other, you know that there’s a long road ahead and that you need to keep your strength. It’s like a wheel of successes and failures; there are days that you feel up in the clouds and days that you’re pulled to the ground in the deepest sense of the metaphor. How do you get by? With a lot of support from home, from friends, in the Course we talk about the meaning of it as a long-distance race. I had to give it a try when I was summoned. The personal challenge, the fulfillment of potential to succeed in anything, is probably in my personality’.