Nshipons distribution for self-testing, informational booths and performs extensive enforcement. Large police forces are set to hagigotmshtert Israel’s security preparedness events ended the new year on Thursday, which are expected to reach hundreds of thousands. Large work forces to maintain order and security throughout the country and were available to the many informational kiosks spend on various subjects and positions to check where each drunk driver to check the level of alcohol in the body before settling behind the wheel.

In addition, and due to the security situation, it was decided to reinforce the forces on the ground. Special forces of police will be stationed in close proximity to entertainment and constitute intervention forces to any violent incident and felt of police vehicles on the roads and in the centers, placed roadblocks and checkpoints and stations are performed hiking police forces visible and invisible. Also, 100 and 110 centers iaovo in order to respond to citizens ‘ requests.

Also, in order to prevent violence and cases of driving under the influence or driving dangerously decided in police preventive action, which came in recent days officers to various education institutions, where they met with students and explain to them about the dangers inherent in driving and using the substances prohibited by law and stressed to them the importance of obedience to the law. Were also happen to various business owners who have received a document detailing their safety procedures and the provisions of the law. During the night the cops will be on business licensing exams in nightlife previews to ensure compliance with the safety instructions.

We wish all celebrating evening and and ask all to abide by the provisions of the police and to act responsibly. The police are optimally and focused in order to address each scenario and ensure that night new year’s Eve passes without exceptional events safely and without damage.

Translated from Hebrew