Paint Me a Plane In honor of the Universal Children’s Day, we’ve collected drawings of planes in every color of the rainbow, created by the children of IAF servicemen

They stroll around IAF Airbases, their first toy was a plastic plane, they could tell a plane from a helicopter from age zero and when they see one in the sky they stop to wave, because it might be Dad watching them from the cockpit.

In such a childhood environment, it’s unsurprising that the children of the IAF fill their parents’ offices with drawings of planes cruising through clear skies. In mention of the Universal Children’s day, we chose a selection of drawings from young artists who simply sketch what they see.

Seven-year-old Yuval Ben-Hemo, son of Commander of the Plane division in “Hatzor” Airbase

Paint Me a Plane

Six-year-old Roni, daughter of Commander of “Sde-Dov” Airbase

Paint Me a Plane

Nine-year-old Neta, son of an IAF executive

Paint Me a Plane