Panther Helicopter

The Panther model sea helicopters are embarked patrol craft which operate from Saar 5 and Nirit class Saar 4.5 missile boats. Manufactured in the U.S. and based on French plans, these helicopters replaced the Dolphin class of helicopters in the Israel Navy.

Panther helicopters are used for detection of hostile targets, for anti – submarine warfare, for search, and rescue operations. They are equipped with advanced radar, an electro-optic observation system, a command & control system developed by the Navy and a communications system. These new and innovative systems enable the Panther helicopter to perform its mission of providing support in shaping a real-time record of sea combat.

Technical Data

Maximum speed 120 knots (more than 200 km)
Weight (ready for operations) 3.5 tons
Additional loads for targets 0.5 tons
Maximum weight 4.6 tons at take-off
Height About 4 meters
Length About 12 meters
Rotor diameter About 12 meters
Engines Two, manufactured by Turbomeca
Crew 3 personnel
Additional equipment Evacuation crane capable of lifting 300 kg