In the coming weeks, the Knesset will switch to 100% recycled paper. Until now, 85% of the paper used in the Knesset has been recycled, but only 50% of the fibers in the paper are recycled.

The company that will supply the paper to parliament has an ecolabel as well an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.

The paper is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. This is beneficial to the environment since trees are not cut down in order to produce the paper. The Knesset`s Printing Department found the recycled paper to be suitable for all the printers in the parliament building.

Over the past year, the Knesset has made considerable efforts to reduce the use of paper in parliament. Among other measures, new electronic displays have been installed in the plenary hall to allow MKs to upload and view almost all legislation-related documents without having to print them. In addition, the Knesset is currently piloting touch-screens in the committee rooms. These screens will also allow MKs to upload documents and view them without having to print them. Nearly 100% of the paper that is used in the Knesset goes to recycling.