Part of the Show Part of the Show Part of the Show One year after the exhibition in Hungary, Israeli Air Force planes left this morning to participate in the “NATO Days” show in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. Two “F-15 Eagles”, a “C-130 Hercules” and special representatives of the 669 Unit will demonstrate for a curious audience at one of the largest aerial exhibitions in Europe

Mai Efrat

This week, 10 years past the first annual “NATO days” show in the Czech Republic, a first show will be put on with the inclusion of the Israeli Air Force. Planes of the Force took off this morning toward the civilian Leoš Janáček Airport in the city of Ostrava, where the IAF will perform and present in the upcoming days.

The organizers of the show claim that it is the largest aerial event in Central Europe. Aside from Israel, 12 other countries are expected to participate, including Britain, France, Germany and Turkey. Though the event is classified as an aerial exhibition, which will include aerial shows, it is expected to include presentations of technological aids that assist fire-fighting efforts, the police, prison services and other security forces.

The Israeli show will include two “F-15 Eagles” from the “Edge of the Sword” squadron from Tel-Nof Airbase, a “C-130 Hercules” from the “Yellow Bird” squadron from “Nevatim” Airbase and an equipment presentation of the flown Search & Rescue Unit, 669. Visitors can enjoy direct explanations from air crew members and representatives from the 669 Unit. They might even get to tour the belly of a “C-130” and watch an analysis room presentation and various informational films.

“It’s a diplomatic mission. We’re attending in order to represent the State of Israel, so that they’ll see us and talk about us”, emphasizes Major Yariv, Head of Foreign Exercises in the Instruction Division. “The two countries have a positive history together. The public of the Czech Republic is waiting for us and is happy that there’s Israeli representation in the exhibition”.