Physical Trainer Receives IDF Mention

Receiving Her Trophy from Commander of “Nevatim” Airbase and Commander of the IAF Physical Trainer Receives IDF Mention

On the Award Stage at the “Nevatim” Race Physical Trainer Receives IDF Mention

First Lieutenant Ketty in an Exercise at the Aerial Defense Academy First Lieutenant Ketty Tovali, a physical training officer at the Aerial Defense Academy, has been named ‘Exceptional Physical Trainer of the IDF’. Introducing an officer who’s not afraid of making her superiors pick up the pace

Shir Bram

The Aerial Defense Academy should be very proud. After a success in leading the entire base to a healthier lifestyle, one of the operating physical training officers of the Academy is receiving a military acknowledgment. First Lieutenant Ketty Tuvali has been chosen by the Head of the IDF Physical Training Department to as the most outstanding physical training officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

First Lieutenant Ketty has grown and evolved while a part of the Aerial Defense Academy. Ketty really made an impression while serving as a physical trainer, after which she was sent to an officer’s course and returned to the base. Nowadays, Ketty overlooks eight other physical trainers.
“Ketty is an excellent officer, diligent and devoted who cares about her staff and trainees. She devotes extra attention to her work and leads a preparation course for physical trainers in her base”, Lieutenant Colonel Yair Vaknin, Head of the Commanding Unit at Aerial Defense Academy, says proudly.
“Ketty is in charge of the successful jogging team at the Academy where the Majors and Lieutenant Colonels train. At the IAF’s race we won the second and third places. She definitely does an amazing job. I’m not surprised that she was granted this award”, adds Lieutenant Colonel Vaknin, who indicates that he didn’t even recommend First Lieutenant Ketty for the award, she earned it all by herself.

Lately, First Lieutenant Toveli is leading a lifestyle project as a cooperation with the ‘Wingate Institute’, which is supposed to improve the soldier’s daily habits and develop a healthy lifestyle. The Deputy Commander in Chief of the IDF recently visited the Aerial Defense base for a brief inspection and gave the commanding department a very high score. First Lieutenant Tuvali has a brother serving at the Aerial Defense Formation as a commander in the commanding course of the Aerial Defense Academy, and was previously a battery commander of a brigade.