Plane Crash Exercise Plane Crash Exercise

Caring for the “Injured” Plane Crash Exercise

A Burning Car Simulating the Plane that Crashed Plane Crash Exercise

Civilian and Military Firefighting Forces The Israeli airport authority practiced a cargo plane crash at the Technical Airbase in Haifa. Next month, the control tower of the technical airbase will be transferred from the hands of the IDF to the civilian authority, which is practicing these days for any possible scenario

Yuval Tsuk | Translation: Loren Mashiah and Karen Tocatly

The Airport Authority, along with the Technical Airbase in Haifa, practiced an “Arkia” aircraft crash above the airbase’s landing strip. The exercise examined a scenario in which a passenger plane pilot discovers a problem in-air and is forced to land. As it descends to the ground, the aircraft catches fire and traps passengers inside of it.

The exercise was managed by the airport authority which will soon be responsible for the control tower and landing strip at the airbase. Similarly to true emergency situations, the authority will have to seek help from additional forces, civilian and military at the scene of the accident. The exercise included crews of Magen David Adom (National Emergency Medical Service), firefighting crews, the “Arkia” company and more.

Leaving the Tower

As a part of transferring the control tower to civilian forces, and after several exercises, the command on the tower was given to the airport authority. The plane crash exercise was the final one, while forces in the technical airbase assist only, as would be expected in real-time. Last year, a civilian lightweight plane crashed in the area of the technical airbase, and the lessons from that accident were practiced as well.

Plane Crash Exercise