Planes beyond Imagination

From the beginning of the use of the “Nighthawk” plane, dozens of excited residents have been convinced that they saw a UFO pass above their heads


So much has been said about them, children fear them and many adults wish to witness one. UFOs can be intimidating, but sometimes they’re just aircraft constructed by us. Meet the real planes that look like creations of science fiction

Tal Michael

In the evening hours, the setting summer sun colors the corn fields of New Mexico a bright orange tint. William “Mack” Brazel, who works on the fields, notices a smoking pile of scrap-metal and walks over to check it out. “There were piles of aluminum, metal, rubber and a substance that looked like rough paper”, he would later tell the intelligence officer of the nearby air force base, in what became the opening shots of one the most epic UFO sagas in history.

The U.S Air Force, which feared surprise visits of Russian planes at the time, didn’t think twice and sent executives and chief investigative officers to the area. After a number of days of investigation, Commander of the U.S Air Force announced that the UFO is nothing but a weather-reporting balloon, and the case was closed (only to be awoken years later, in the eighties). In the decades following the incident, and today as well, thousands of worried citizens have been calling local authorities and reporting objects, lights and flashes that had passed through the skies and interrupted their rest. No one really has explanations or answers for most of these events, but at least some of them are man-made, even if no military around the world would be willing to admit it. Meet the most strange, clandestine and fascinating aircraft that have ever been created, or at least planned:

Planes beyond Imagination

 “Horten” 229

Two years before the end of World War II, 1943. Hermann Göring, an executive in the Nazi regime and former commander of the Luftwaffe, proposes a challenge for aviation engineers: the development of a jet combat plane that could carry massive weights and be able to reach command centers of the Allies and destroy them. The Horten brothers, namesakes of the plane, don’t waste another moment and immediately begin developing the triple-winged plane (that was half a century ahead of its time) from wood and steel, along with cannons and a jet motor system that had never been seen before.

Less than a year later, the first prototypes of the plane were deemed successful and even outperformed the “Messerschmitt”, the German pride and joy. In February 1945, in another experimental flight, one of the plane’s engines caught on fire. In spite of the pilot’s efforts to save it, the expensive aircraft crashed and took the entire assembly line down with it. In order not to expose the secrets of the advanced plane, the Nazis destroyed almost every vestige of the planes, and halted their plans for the plane that was decades ahead of its time.

“Nighthawk” F-117

From the beginning of the use of the “Nighthawk” plane in the U.S Air Force and until the day in which the United States acknowledged its existence, dozens of excited residents were convinced that they saw a UFO pass above their heads in the sky. For six years, the Americans used a groundbreaking stealth aircraft without anyone out of “Area 51” knowing or hearing about it. The plane, that is reminiscent in many ways of a bird, and therefore was named “Nighthawk”, was constructed out of lightweight materials and ray-absorbers. Since being put to use in the U.S Air Force in 1983, it has participated in the war in Iraq and was even knocked down once by Yugoslavian Anti-Aircraft power during the Balkan conflict. In 2008, the Nighthawk’s planes were halted as a result of steep operation costs. Even though the planes are no longer officially operated, the American media still occasionally reports flights of lingering planes in U.S skies, on their way to another secretive operation.


According to the American security magazine “Jane’s Defence”, a third of the U.S Air Force’s budget is directed toward the research and development of classified aircraft. It is not difficult to deduct that some of the UFOs that may spook us throughout our lives, are not more than sophisticated inventions by Uncle Sam.

Last month, in light of American plans to build an aircraft that can get from one point on the globe to any other point in less than an hour, television networks reported an unusual incident. “A UFO was seen carried on a large truck, causing traffic congestion in Washington”, websites and television reported. “The object was built from two, giant tripled wings, and it is hard to estimate what it is constructed of”.

By the next morning, all the details were clear: the tripled objects were simply the wings of two X-47B planes, which were making their way on a truck to a naval base in the area. The X-47B plane is not far from being a UFO: The unmanned, experimental vehicle is a result of lengthy development of the Northorp-Grumman company, and according to appraisals it is destined for examining stealth technology in UAVs.