Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to appoint Hebrew University Prof. Avi Simhon as Chairman of the National Economic Council (NEC).
Please click on the above link for details on Prof. Simhon’s research interests and publications, as well as biographical details. He is 56, married with three children and resides in Jerusalem.
Prof. Simhon served as chairman of the advisory council to former Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz, a member of the Trajtenberg committee of socio-economic change and a member of the Yitzhaki committee on examining poverty indicators.
Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "I am convinced that Prof. Simhon, as Chairman of the NEC, will assist the government and me in dealing with the socio-economic challenges facing us, and in continuing to lead the Israeli economy toward growth and prosperity for the good of all Israelis. Prof, Simhon combines broad academic research and action in the public sphere that are directly linked to the Israeli economy in the Finance Ministry and important government committees."
Prof. Simhon said, "I am grateful for the confidence that the Prime Minister is giving me and I hope to assist him in leading important processes to build up the Israeli economy and improve the welfare of Israel’s citizens. I am aware of the responsibility demanded of the Chairman of the NEC. I know that an excellent professional team awaits me at the Council and I that I will receive the advice and assistance of my predecessors."
Outgoing NEC Chairman Prof. Eugene Kandel said, "I welcome the appointment of Prof. Avi Simhon as NEC Chairman. Avi and I have known each other for many years since we studied together at Hebrew University and through our joint research. I esteem Avi as a talented macro economist and am certain that under his leadership, along with the excellent team, the NEC will continue to be on the principal – and most important – agencies in determining Israel’s economic policy and in making government decisions. I wish him and the NEC success in working for the good of the State of Israel and its citizens."
The appointment is dependent on the approval of the Turkel committee on senior civil service appointments and of the Cabinet.