PM Netanyahu Attends Event Marking 25 Years of Russian Aliyah
Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, GPO     

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, addressed an event marking 25 years of aliyah from Russia. Following are excerpts from his remarks:
"For 100 years we have been dealing with recurrent waves of terrorism and we have fought against, and repelled, the waves time and again.
I would like to commend the security forces that prevented, thwarted and responded to the terrorist incidents this morning.
I wish a quick recovery to the wounded. The Israel Police, Border Police, IDF and ISA fighters are operating with determination and courage against the terrorists. At the same time, the Palestinian Authority is continuing its mendacious anti-Israel incitement and is certainly not taking any action against it. Our security forces, which include many young people whose parents came from the countries of the former Soviet Union, have full freedom of action in the field.
They go wherever they need, demolish terrorists’ homes and carry out arrests. We are also acting against the families that cooperate with the terrorists. We are denying freedom of movement, imposing closures on villages and closing roads. We are also taking action against online incitement.
Yesterday, it was published that the ISA had uncovered a very dangerous Hamas terrorist infrastructure that wanted to commit attacks. The ISA operates according to the law and protects the State of Israel and the citizens of Israel…
…The people in question are a fringe group of extremists. This is not the exemplary religious Zionism that has contributed to Israel and whose sons serve in the elite units of the IDF.
Neither can one compare the magnitude of the terrorism with Arab terrorism. In recent months alone they have carried out hundreds of attacks against us and we have seen only a few Jewish terrorist attacks. For our part, we are not prepared to accept terrorism from any quarter. This fringe group does not represent the Right. This is not the Right that I know. Israel is a nation of law. We will not countenance a situation in which a certain group refuses to accept the laws of the state and commits acts of murder. Without the security services, including the ISA, where would we be?
Whoever is concerned about the security of the State of Israel must act against terrorism. This is what we have done and this is what we will continue to do."