PM Netanyahu Awards Trump Foundation Master Teacher Award
Photo by Amos Ben Gershom, GPO  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his Jerusalem office, awarded the Trump Foundation Master Teacher Award to Dr. Guy Ashkenazi, who – for the past eight years – has served as a chemistry teacher at the Israel Arts and Sciences Academy in Jerusalem.
Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Trump Foundation Executive Director Eli Hurvitz and Trump Foundation Chairperson Eddy Shalev also participated. Honorable mentions were awarded to Dr. Tali Devora, a mathematics teacher from Kfar Saba, and Michael Walter, a physics instructor from Or Akiva.
Prime Minister Netanyahu: "Israel is a not insignificant knowledge powerhouse; I am not exaggerating, especially in cyber. Everything revolves around this; without it there is nothing. Therefore, we would like to continue and will seek out every way to do so. I know that the Trump Foundation is simply committed to this. Because of his we meet here once a year. I really see this as a major national goal.
I would like to thank you, first of all, for your efforts and I would like to thank you for setting an example. Perhaps we will draw from your experience broader principles beyond the setting of examples for others. Let us draw the lessons.
I have a personal confession. I really loved my mathematics classes. Getting away from this is a very serious problem for us because we know that it carries all of science and technology, without this one cannot climb up. Therefore, this is of critical national importance for us. As of now we are still in a situation, I don’t know if we are running on the fumes of the past, it isn’t really like this apparently because there are many young people who are driving our technology forward. In 2014, just as an example, we received 10% of new investments in cyber and cyber security. It 2015 it has apparently grown to 20%. These are fantastic figures. Apparently there is something genuine in our young people because I do not see 64-year-olds running to get into cyber.
We just know that this is an existential need for us. Therefore, we ascribe great importance to every indicator, every expression of excellence in this field and to obtaining the maximum from every pupil. This is critical for u. I want this from all populations. This crosses social barriers, for the periphery and for minorities. This provides opportunity, personal leadership and mainly our global leadership in world markets."
Education Minister Naftali Bennett: "You, the award-winning teachers, you are the heroes of our generation. You are here because you have been found to be the most deserving. The pupils who meet you daily in the classrooms are proud for the privilege of following in your footsteps.
I believe that security is not measured in planes, tanks and divisions. Security is also in our growth as people and as a society, in our ability to dream, build and create every morning new opportunities for us and for the state that we love so much. The factors upon which Israel’s strength relies start and end with education. Therefore, only first class education can maintain a first class economy, and only such an economy can maintain a first class military. Without it Israel would be hard pressed to survive in such a complex neighborhood as the one in which we live."
Trump Foundation Executive Director Hurvitz: "It must be said openly: Teachers are not the problem, they are the solution. It is they who, in the classroom, translate policy into quality education, instruction and achievements. Thanks to them we have witnessed – after more than a decade – a halt to the deterioration and the start of the climb towards excellence. This is the time to give backing to teachers; every outstanding teacher makes a significant difference."