PM Netanyahu Meets with Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski
Photo by Haim Zah, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon in his Jerusalem office, hosted Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. The two leaders signed a treaty to prevent double-taxation and a joint statement marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Prime Minister Netanyahu: "I’m delighted to see you again in Jerusalem, Nikola. It’s a pleasure to see you. Your visit marks twenty years of our establishing diplomatic relations. It’s a sign of our growing friendship, and today we’re going to sign a declaration of friendship between our two countries.
We have a lot of things that we’re working on – energy, water, agriculture, science, education, technology. I think also the area of defense and our common battle against terror is something that is highly important. And we value this friendship, we value this partnership. And I welcome you and your delegation here to Jerusalem. Welcome."
Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to visit his country.
Relations between Israel and Macedonia are very good; cooperation has grown in recent years. Macedonia has been taking positive action regarding historical issues as well; a Holocaust museum has recently been established in Skopje. Macedonia has also been making a special effort to rehabilitate the Jewish cemetery in Bitola (the second largest city in Macedonia), the oldest in the area; this has been greatly appreciated in Israel.