Poland’s minister of defence visits Ramat-David base On Monday, June 1st, Poland’s Minister of National Defence, Bogdan Klich, tour the air-force base in Ramat David

Gal Goldshtein | Nikolai Avrutov

The tour was part of the minister’s official visit to Israel, as the guest of his Israeli colleague, Ehud Barak.  Present on site were high ranking officers of the Poland’s defence office, and Atar Dagan, Israeli Defence Attaché to Poland.

Upon landing at the base, the entourage proceeded to the heritage center, were the minister was briefed on the base’s history by the base commander, Colonel Ilan. Later, the minister was presented with films about the flyover Auschwitz concentration camp in 2003, and the second Lebanon war. Finally, the minister along with his entourage, toured the various parts of the base.

The minister expressed his gratitude for the kind reception before leaving the base.