The point will improve the services provided to all residents and communities in the region today (Wednesday) was a police point in Miron. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Commander of the Northern District Commander Zaher, head of planning and organizing Chief Danny Chen, Deputy Commander of North sub is Doron, Commander friend סנ״צ Joanie overrun station officers and County officers, Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Rabbi Shmuel רבינוביץ׳.

As part of the deepening relationship between community police, police enforcement and services grant Miron prevents shades for all communities in the region. Police services are effective and available, for the benefit of personal safety and quality of life of local residents.

As part of the social and cultural concept formulated in police services will be provided in a manner tailored, effective and equitable to all communities in the area seats according to specific needs, such as the Bowl event on lag baomer with multi-day party hundreds of thousands of participants and need to abtachm but simultaneously to preserve normal life routine instead.

The Northern District Commander major general Zaher Dvir said Miron is one of the very best places in the country. Police point site is an achievement and a result of staff work. Together with the religious parties have worked and we worked and today we elders the police which will improve service to citizens and make the police services one step further “.

Translated from Hebrew