District officers will coastal increased enforcement and uncompromising for maintaining the security of the tiboramshtera consider procedural and criminal action taken pursuant to the hearing, including the closing of nightclubs and entertainment venues that inevitably took place have been swingers for the law in order to ensure their personal safety in the early new year’s Day celebrations are hipsters and the way users.

After assessing the night events for the new year, coastal district command that enter stations controls the clubs and event halls in their designated stops and the calls will be about the increased enforcement to take the police to prevent violence phenomena or driving poor people. According to the situation and past experience, the club owners will increase the amount of security and placing officers in. Special forces of police will be stationed in close proximity to entertainment and constitute intervention forces for any occasion.

The police deploy business licensing tests nightlife previews to ensure compliance with the safety instructions. In addition, 100 and 110 iaovo to provide quick references.

Drivers caught drunk driving arrest. In addition, it will also check for other occupants in order to prevent a situation where a passenger replaces the driver arrested and finds himself drunk before boarding on the wheel.

The police are optimally and focused in order to address each scenario and ensure that night new year’s Eve passes without exceptional events safely and without damage.

Translated from Hebrew