President Peres Visits IAF’s First Religious Boarding School

President Peres Chatted With Students From Ramat HaGolan, Who Raised Questions Before Him President Peres Visits IAF’s First Religious Boarding School

The IAF’s First Theological Boarding School President Peres Visits IAF’s First Religious Boarding School

“Be curious, read, enlighten yourselves” President Peres Visits IAF’s First Religious Boarding School

President Peres with Brigadier General Boger President of Israel, Shimon Peres, visited an extension of the Technical School: a religious boarding school, the first of its kind in the IAF. The President met with students and alumni who later joined the technical formation in the force. “Maintain the value of excellence of the Jewish people”, he asked

Yuval Tsuk | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

The engineering school “Adir BaMarom”, was fortunate to host the President of Israel, Shimon Peres. The President toured the school, chatted with alumni and was presented with the technological feats of its students.

Afterward, President Peres met with students from Ramat HaGolan, who raised questions that trouble them-about Jewish identity in a democratic nation, on the subject of the disconnect of the periphery from the center of Israel and even the role of Israeli adolescents in society. “Because we’re a small nation, we should not be satisfied with mediocrity”, said the President to the teens. “We have to be a nation of excellence. Be curious, read, enlighten yourselves. After years in which previous generations fought to protect that right, you must take care of it”.

At the end of the visit, Head of the Adjutant General Branch, Brigadier General Ilan Boger, stated that “the integration of education and technology is very dear to the President’s heart. The visit to the school was exciting for him, since he has a vision for knowledge development in children and teenagers. At the end of the day, alumni of the school will contribute to military technology, and later to the High-Tech community as civilians”.

Education, Judaism and Technology

“Adir BaMarom” is the first post-high school theological institution of the IAF to function as a boarding school. The beautiful place houses boys only, who chose to combine their technological studies with theological schooling. “The secret of the school’s success is the cooperation between the surrounding area and the IAF”, explained Dr. Yehiel Shilo, Head of the Administration of Residential Education and ‘Aliyaat HaNoar’. “The link between the two brings satisfying results”.