Presidential Praise

President Shimon Peres and Chief of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehushtan. Photo: Carmel Horowitz

President Shimon Peres Expresses his Appreciation for the Israeli Air Force’s Rescue Operations during Israel’s Recent Storms

 On Tuesday 19th January, President Shimon Peres contacted the Commander in Chief of the IAF, Ido Nehushtan. He asked him to inform the soldiers and pilots of the IAF of his tremendous appreciation of their excellent performance, their perseverance and their strength of heart and spirit that they demonstrated during the recent severe floods.

 The President also asked Major General Nehushtan to pass on the gratitude of the entire nation. The IAF Commander in Chief assured the President that he would pass on his message to all of the Air Force’s staff, who worked with decisiveness and courage for the rescue of many citizens, and thanked him for his support and kind words.