On 17-Dec-15, notification was received of a cow positive for rabies from the village of Mas’ade in the Golan Heights.
​Investigations are underway regarding the possibility that humans may have had contact with it.The Ministry of Health requests that persons who, in the region of this occurrence, came in contact with the infected cow or with a stray animal, or persons in possession of animals that came into such contact, should call:

  • Health Bureau in Zefat, telephone 04-69942571, 04-6994218 
  • Or the closest Health Bureau to their place of residence.
  • After hours or on weekends, go to a hospital emergency room.
  • The Ministry of Health requests that information on this episode be conveyed to persons on excursions or on holidays in nearby villages and places, in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.
  • Parents of children are asked to find out from their children whether they have had contact with suspicious animals, and to contact the Health Bureau.
  • Pet owners are asked to contact the local government authority’s veterinarian, in order to make sure of their vaccination status.

The Ministry of Health again reminds anybody who is bitten or scratched by an animal to immediately wash the region with running water and soap, disinfect with antiseptic, and go to the Health Bureau to check whether there is a need to receive a vaccination against rabies.